Real estate marketing web tools
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Real estate marketing web tools

Real estate marketing web tools. Web specialists, SiLO offers real estate developers three state-of-the-art tools.

These tools optimize the quality and impact of real estate projects online.

Who we are

An experienced team that is attentive to the needs of real estate developers

SILO is orchestrated by three meticulous and ambitious co-owners. This creative family team successfully brings together innovation, technology and communication under one roof.


Creative director

This energetic intellectual is overflowing with ideas. Extensive experience enables her to successfully organize, produce and market any advertising concept. From initial idea to concept development, her input ensures a perfect outcome—every time.


Internet director

In charge of everything and anything IT-related, he is our web mastermind. Best friends with Google and SEO, he knows how to score big online. Creative and relentless, he is a solution wizard!


Total satisfaction director

Accessible and down to earth, Mercedes is our secret weapon. She will instantly charm you—and answer all your questions. A meticulous manager, she will never forget you and will keep you up-to-date on all your projects.

The first tool | Real estate directories

Specific real estate directories

With more than 100 000 visitors every month on its real estate directories and related blogs, SiLo is the largest aggregator of real estate content. The Montreal Guide Condo website is a complete guide to new housing in Quebec. Ma Résidence Retraite enables you to compare and analyze senior housing in Quebec’s large retiree complexes. Toronto All Condos assembles real estate projects in the Greater Toronto area. And, finally, Chic New Home takes you on a guided tour of high-end real estate projects in the province of Quebec.

The second tool | Plan selector

An effective software to put architectural plans online

SMART CONDO PLANS is the first, and one-of-a-kind, software that enables you to add condo or apartment plans to a real estate projects’ website.

This software is a new, simple and effective way to self-manage real estate project plans.

The third tool | Database

A buyer and tenant database

By using any one of our real estate directories, users interact so that we can offer them a service that meets their expectations.

Subsequently, these potential clients have been surveyed and allow a comprehensive analysis of the real estate market

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